How to be more organized

How do you become more organized in a kitchen? Victory is in the preparation. In an ideal kitchen everything is prewashed, precut, pre-blended, if you like.

What to buy

When you go to a supermarket, don’t bring any long shopping lists with you. Instead, play it by ear. See what looks good. Buy that. See what it would go well with. Buy that too. If you are not sure what the hell this thing is, ask or write down the name and google it later, or, better yet, buy it, wash it, peel it and sink your hungry teeth into it.

I am not crazy, I am just bored

“Everything?” she repeated.
“Yes, the whole goddamn shelf!” I smiled.
Eyeing me with suspicion she began piling the veal onto the scale. My eyes slowly drifted to what the scale was showing and my smile disappeared. It was now my turn to make round eyes. $150!

Collard Greens

Seriously, try some collard greens. Cut them up into spaghetti-like strips and saute these suckers for at least 15 minutes. With onions and tomato sauce. Then they will be very very tasty… and did I mention rich in minerals and vitamins?

Welcome to the new Chef Made EASY!

We live on a rich planet, a planet full of vegetation, meat, produce, we as humans have learned to harvest them and it is the dominant aspect of the human species over other animals. The ability to cook. This is what separated homo sapiens and neanderthals from earlier evolutionary steps of the humankind.