I am not crazy, I am just bored

This funny incident happened to me a while back. I went to the market, hungover, tired, sleepy, I was a caffeine junky at the time. Wait… I still am. Nevermind, I go get coffee. And zzzing! Something hit me. I became possessed. I go up to the butchers and I say to the lady there:

“Is that ossobuco fresh?”

“Yes, very good quality,” of course she would say that.

I did not see the price. I didn’t need to see it.

“I’ll take everything,” I said.

Her eyes became round.

“Everything?” she repeated.

“Yes, the whole goddamn shelf!” I smiled.

Eyeing me with suspicion she began piling the veal onto the scale. My eyes slowly drifted to what the scale was showing and my smile disappeared. It was now my turn to make round eyes. $150!

But Mikhail has spoken and there was no way I would back away from my decision. So I payed the $154 and got a free slice of bacon on top of the 4kg of veal for being such a good customer. Then I went completely mad and purchased an entire array of vegetables and other goodies to compliment my ossobuco.

My bags were extremely heavy as I carried them home, cursing and damning whatever came over me. When I arrived I put on some trance music and powered up the choo-choo train on my stove. I used the meat to cook my barley soup (which due to immense amounts of gelatin turned into a barley risotto, consistency of concrete…) and of course, ossobuco. Also I called my parents.

“Mom,” I whined. “I have too much meat, I can’t cook it all, I don’t have enough pots! You want a couple pieces? What? Yeah I am serious, you better take it. I payed $150 for it…”

Here is a picto-recipe of my ossobuco though:

As you can see, we heat up a huge heavy pot with some oil, sear the veal shanks on either side, pour in some white wine and reduce that goodness. Then we remove the meat and cook the vegetables in that remaining reduction juice. Any vegetables will do. Onions, carrots, what-ever. Just keep it moist so it doesn’t burn. I added 2 blended tomatoes to mine. Yummm… Once that has been simmered kill the stove, place the meat back in the pot, on top of the vegetables. Slap on the lid and stick in the oven at 350F. After a good 1 hour and a half, it will be delicious.

As I took the first bite a portal to heaven opened and I drifted on the bliss that was in my mouth. I forgot the price I payed for that veal because, really, that veal was priceless. No restaurant can serve anything remotely so ddddddelicious. What you cook yourself is from another universe.

No I am not crazy. I am just bored to the point of insanity…


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