Chili pepper and its wonderful recipes

North African eggs

Here is a simple recipe from Gordon ramsay that uses the most basic ingredients to obtain a fantastic result!

Fish and fennel en papillote

Here is a wonderful way to remove the smell of fish by adding an even stronger smelling fennel! Just kidding! It actually doesn’t work exactly this way, but rather what happens is if you enclose the whole thing in a water-resistant package the fish is steamed to juicy juicy tenderness. Cut the fennel very thin […]

Steak and 2 sauces

Here is a Jamie Oliver classic! There is nothing like a perfect steak… ruined by 2 hot salsas: one fresh, one peanut.

Spaghetti vongole

So quick and easy to make that you will have this ready before the kettle boils!

Mexican swordfish

David Adjey’s recipe of Annato-rubbed swordfish, pineapple salsa, topped with gorgeous plantain chips. Now I personally hate impressing people (LIES) but you can go ahead with this recipe and impress the bonkos-bolonkos out of your friends!