Onion and its wonderful recipes

North African eggs

Here is a simple recipe from Gordon ramsay that uses the most basic ingredients to obtain a fantastic result!


Basma is an Uzbek dish made from lamb and a TON of red onion. Take a giant pot and layer the meat and vegetables onto each other in the following order: Lamb. Mmmm! Onion. 1 kg! That is 3 or 4 large onions, I kid you not! We use red onion here because of the […]

Yam shepherd’s pie

This is otherwise known as Venison pie from the Gordon Ramsay’s “Healthy appetite” cookbook. One thing is for sure… This pie will cause some serious appetite disorders! I refer to the delicious taste of course! Apart from the pictures it is probably worthwhile to mention that you simmer the meat and veggies for 45 minutes […]

Russian pies

These pies my mom makes only once a year, for New Year’s eve. We, Russians, celebrate New Year’s eve much like the Catholic world celebrates Christmas eve. In effect, all those holidays are all the same for me. Just as long as PIES are delivered to the table! This recipe makes 3 pies: Cabbage and […]

Slow-cooked pork ribs

Some prefer fancy Texas ribs, some prefer them just down-to-earth simple. These slow-cooked ribs are browned first and then thrown into slow cooker, in contrast to Texan-style ribs that are slow-cooked first and then thrown onto the grill with some icky sauce they like to call “Baa-be-quieoo”. Pork likes moisture and slow cooking makes damn […]

Sauteed rabbit

In French they say “Lapin sauté”, which is also the name of a restaurant in Quebec City where they serve every possible version of this dish: slow-cooked, in a pot, stewed in a ragout… None of them are as good as this recipe here. Browned rabbit, slow-cooked in white wine with sweet onions and sweet […]


The main reason why people never come back from Kazakhstan is the goodness of this particular national dish: beshbarmak. In my family we eat it every day, throughout the whole day! Beshbarmak means five (bes) fingers (barmak). Meaning you eat it with your hands. Arrr! The dish itself is incredibly simple to make, albeit with […]

Chicken paprikash

Easy chicken paprikash with lazy galushka dumplings. Bon Appetit! Here is another technique on how to make galushka dumplings. Personally I hate trying to cut these cheese strings, they always glue back together like in Terminator 2… :) Nowadays I just make them the day before and let them dry out. This way when you […]

Steak and 2 sauces

Here is a Jamie Oliver classic! There is nothing like a perfect steak… ruined by 2 hot salsas: one fresh, one peanut.

Spaghetti vongole

So quick and easy to make that you will have this ready before the kettle boils!