White wine and its wonderful recipes

Sauteed rabbit

In French they say “Lapin sauté”, which is also the name of a restaurant in Quebec City where they serve every possible version of this dish: slow-cooked, in a pot, stewed in a ragout… None of them are as good as this recipe here. Browned rabbit, slow-cooked in white wine with sweet onions and sweet […]

Fish and fennel en papillote

Here is a wonderful way to remove the smell of fish by adding an even stronger smelling fennel! Just kidding! It actually doesn’t work exactly this way, but rather what happens is if you enclose the whole thing in a water-resistant package the fish is steamed to juicy juicy tenderness. Cut the fennel very thin […]

Spaghetti vongole

So quick and easy to make that you will have this ready before the kettle boils!


This is a great Italian recipe that perfects the already perfect veal shank by slow-cooking it. The final result simply melts in your mouth!