How to be more organized

How do you become more organized in a kitchen?

I worked at a TV station and I know how many buttons there are on the control panel in media room. Each button is a shortcut that is right under the technician’s fingertips. Change volume. Play music. Go to commercial. These functions have been predefined to be available at the technician’s convenience. How organized is your computer desktop? Your desk? Your laundry and clothes?

In the kitchen organization is not just important. Without it, your eggs will burn. Oh look! Burned already!

Are you sleeping?

Before you even begin cooking, as you walk towards the stove, you might experience an obscure sense of anxiety. This is normal, because you realize cooking is something that will require your full undivided attention. And you momentarily panic. That’s a lot of brain power to donate! That is why you may experience hesitation. Hesitation is time wasting sensation. Are you a morning person? When you wake up, groggy and dumb, you are very unlikely to spring right into action. You usually need a good cup of coffee to awaken your senses. Similarly when you come home from work, the last thing on your mind is “Yeay! Let’s cook!” That is unless you have developed a habit of hunger driving your chef knife hand. That’s why many people don’t even cook. It is easier in times like this to get takeout. Especially if it is that yum-yum Mexican!

Start washing dishes! It is easy, it does not require your sense of stir-fry timing. You will do it in a heartbeat and voila! You are flowing and in the process and once you get that wheel rolling, don’t stop. Empty sink is just half the battle. Clean the work surface, get the trash bins ready, wash and peel those vegetables. And what do you know, you are cooking. Oh look at the time! Well, guess what… you shouldn’t have hesitated!

Prepare for battle!

Victory is in the preparation. In an ideal kitchen everything is prewashed, precut, pre-blended, if you like. All you need to do is have everything you need at each moment in time within your reach. The following example illustrates how to prepare a minestrone soup, a chicken stock and a vegetable ragout, all at the same time.

And of course the end result is mouth-watering delicious! Just give some time after the cooking to cool off a little, especially if it is a soup or a stew.


The most important thing about cooking is to know everything in advance. What steps you will take, what order you are going to cook things in, how many people are you serving. I always cook for 10 people in mind, even though, its just for me, me, me. But yes, I admit it, I wrestle the cookbook once in a while while my onions are burning!

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