Basma is an Uzbek dish made from lamb and a TON of red onion. Take a giant pot and layer the meat and vegetables onto each other in the following order:

  1. Lamb. Mmmm!
  2. Onion. 1 kg! That is 3 or 4 large onions, I kid you not! We use red onion here because of the intense flavour it gives when it dissolves into that beautiful broth as it sits inside that pot for all eternity! Cut in half and then chop into half-rings.
  3. —— SALT, PEPPER ——
  4. Carrot. Chop diagonal for nice large flat pieaces.
  5. Tomatoes. Do not cube them! Cut in half and slice into half-circle slices.
  6. —— SALT, PEPPER ——
  7. Pepper, chopped roughly.
  8. Eggplant. Do not peel! Chop in half and slice into half-circle slices.
  9. Potatoes. The above layers should have provided sufficient separation from tomatoes. Do not let the potatoes touch the tomatoes!
  10. —— SALT, PEPPER ——
  11. Cabbage. Chop some roughly and place on top of this behemoth pile. Then take some leaves and cover the whole thing up with them. Make it cozy in there!
  12. Quince: This adds a kick. You can use apple too, but quince is tougher. Slice them into thin slices and stick the sliced slices along the side of the pot. Slick them in like you are making a fence.

Slap the lid on that thing and let it sit for an hour or two on low flame. If you put your ear to the lid you should hear slight rumbling as it gently boils. When it smells delicious it is getting there. When it smells INCREDIBLE, it is done.

Common mistake: forgetting the layers of salt and pepper. I forget every time…

Bon appetit!

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