The main reason why people never come back from Kazakhstan is the goodness of this particular national dish: beshbarmak. In my family we eat it every day, throughout the whole day! Beshbarmak means five (bes) fingers (barmak). Meaning you eat it with your hands. Arrr!

The dish itself is incredibly simple to make, albeit with some lengthy labour. I recommend using lamb. LAAAAMB! Goat is fine too. Beef… eh, not so much. And god forbid if you ever use chicken!

First we boil the lamb for slightly more than an hour to create the richest possible broth. Reduce the boiling and attend to the broth to remove any scum that comes to the surface. In the meanwhile we beat a couple eggs with water and salt into flour to make a pasta dough. We roll the dough into a giant sheet and cut them up into big squares, lasagna style. Also peel some potatoes.

When the broth is complete, remove the tender meat and set aside. Put the potatoes into the boiling broth. Later add the pasta squares. It should take 10 minutes for pasta to cook, but dear god don’t overcook it! Then fish out the pasta and lay on a big plate. On top place the meat and potatoes. Serve.

Cut up some fresh onion and put in a small bowl. Ladle some broth over the onions to instantly cook ‘em! These are going to be our brothed onions. Serve.

For each person pour some broth in a cup. Careful it’s hot! We grab some stuff from the big plate, spoon on top of that a few of those brothed onions from the bowl and drink it up with the broth in your cup! Bon Appetit!

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