Cantonese steamed fish


Here we take a good fish… and we ruin its healthiness with sesame seed oil and soy sauce! Just kidding!

Worry not, this doesn’t kill the taste of the fish, it enhances it.

We steam the fish under the lid inside a nice big WOK. First we lay 4 chop sticks at the bottom of the wok. Then we pour a tiny bit of water to boil at the bottom. And then (careful, it’s hot!) we place a plate with the whole fish stuffed with ginger onto the chopsticks and cover it up with the lid. The lid is very important. We let it sit to steam for 10-15 minutes.

Ginger (ancient Chinese secret) kills any bad fishy smell, especially present in tilapia, barramundi and fresh water fish. We can either place slices of ginger inside the fish or simply lay them out on the plate and lay the fish on top. The fish needs to be sliced diagonally on both sides to help the steam get in and cook it.

While it is cooking, the fish will release some juice onto the plate. When done (careful, it’s hot!) take great care not to loose that precious juice because we will be adding a tiny bit of soy sauce to it to spice up the flavor. As for the fish, heat up a tiny-tiny amount of sesame seed oil and pour it onto the fish with a nice sizzle. Mmmmm! Finally cut up some ginger and green onion into thin almost hair-like strands and sprinkle then on top of the fish.


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