Maki sushi


To make good sushi you don’t need to be Japanese by birth certificate, have spent 30+ years learning the precise art of sushi crafting and have acquired some mystical secret from your master that you will take to your grave. BOO! There is no secret. It’s all in the sleeves.

My good friend Shinji Kawabata was kind enough to demonstrate how to make these lovelies. Here is a video from those good old days.

Basically, cook up some sticky rice (Shitaku rice, for example), get a sushi-rolling matt from any big supermarket (just ask), place the Nori seaweed glossy side down onto the matt (use the dotted lines to line up with how the matt rolls), and using wet hands (keep a bowl of water by your side) spread the rice over the seaweed sheet. Then (hopefully you have them all precut) take your TOPPINGS and roll it into a nice maki. Let the maki rest for a bit and cut just before serving.

Oh, by the way, season the rice with rice vinegar.

Oh, by the way what did I mean by TOPPINGS?

Ah… Well…

Unagi – sweet BBQ eel

Buy it frozen from TNT or other Asian supermarkets. Hell, they even have it in Toronto’s famous Saint Lawrence market (…in the asian section lol). If you know what eel is, if you are a sushi lover and eel is your thing, buy Unagi. To me it is the most important topping. Yummy sweet! Let it defrost and slice into thin strips.

Fried egg

The most important topping for me (forget the eel, I meant this one is the most important) is the egg. Whisk 2 eggs. Pour a little into a hot pan. Roll it up, push to the side, pour more egg mixture in. Now roll the first roll again stitching it to the new egg. Repeat for the third time. This creates many layers. Take it out, let it cool and then slice lengthwise. Mmmmm!

Other stuff

  • Avocado – slice thinly
  • Cucumber – slice thinly
  • Fish eggs… fish eggs!
  • Crab sticks – slice thinly… wait what does the package say? Crab-flavoured pollock? Oh, everything is fake nowadays!

Well, there you have it, all the possible toppings. Now mix and match.

Sushi is the Japanese equivalent of Italian pizza. Whatever the leftovers in your fridge, roll them up into seaweed and rice. I like to call this process seaweed body wrap. Wait… nevermind. NEVERMIND!

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