Ratatouille and Casablanca



If you have seen the Disney animation Ratatouille, you will have already seen a very good and detailed video for how a rat makes this recipe… *sarcasm!* Far-fetched as it is, the recipe is actually exactly what the cartoon shows. In fact most of the time, while the eggplants are in the oven, Remy spends making the most elaborate sauce imaginable.

Thinly sliced zucchini and other types of eggplant and, if you wish, roma tomatoes, beautifully stacked into interleaving layers into a baking tray or dish and baked until absolute utter tenderness. Then spoon over the delicious sauce. But I will not demonstrate any sauces here, that is a whole other section this website is going to need someday. The heart of ratatouille is the eggplants.


Casablanca is ratatouille on top of couscous and topped with goat cheese, just like you see on the picture at the end there.

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