Russian pies


These pies my mom makes only once a year, for New Year’s eve. We, Russians, celebrate New Year’s eve much like the Catholic world celebrates Christmas eve. In effect, all those holidays are all the same for me. Just as long as PIES are delivered to the table!

This recipe makes 3 pies:

  • Cabbage and eggs
  • Meat and eggs (kulebyaka)
  • Apple pie (somewhat similar to this one)

The dough requires a packet of yeast. After the initial mixing of the flour, the trick is to leave the dough in the oven for about an hour with just the oven light on, so that it keeps it warm and helps the dough rise. Rising is crucial because as the yeast reacts with the milk the dough can more than double in volume!

Once the filling is done, spread out the dough on a well-oiled baking tray, wrap the filling, seal it. 15 to 20 minutes in the oven on 425F should be more than enough for these suckers. Be sure to also poke some holes in them with a fork to help them breathe.

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