Slow-cooked pork ribs


Some prefer fancy Texas ribs, some prefer them just down-to-earth simple. These slow-cooked ribs are browned first and then thrown into slow cooker, in contrast to Texan-style ribs that are slow-cooked first and then thrown onto the grill with some icky sauce they like to call “Baa-be-quieoo”.

Pork likes moisture and slow cooking makes damn sure that the moisture is retained. Onions and carrots are added for sweetness, potatoes for earthiness. Don’t forget to salt!

Slow-cooking is something that requires its own chapter in the cooking world. If you don’t have a slow cooker don’t worry, just pop it into a pot, place it in the oven and roast this slop on 375F for 30 minutes and then on 325F for 2.5 hours. And if you refuse to use even the oven, then just don’t do it!

Note that during the making of this video I forgot to remove the membrane on the pork ribs. The membrane is attached to the lower side of the ribs. Just pick it up with your fingers and mercilessly pull it off the rack. Also adding a bit of tomato sauce to the slow cooker is a great improvement to this recipe.

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