Welcome to the new Chef Made EASY!

Well, hello, hello, HELLO! …and welcome to my awesome cooking website!

Here you will find many tasty things, things that appeal to the eye and soul when it comes to food in your tummy. There are recipes in all sorts of representations here: videos, timelines, comic strips (I call them picto-recipes) all with one purpose in mind – to show you how to cook. Let go and submerge yourself into the world of cuisine and you will see how life becomes better, brighter and more delicious!

My passion for cooking has led me to develop many tools that you can find on this site, tools to better organize and understand the principals behind cooking, the process that takes place, different techniques that can be employed and, ultimately, learning different ways of combining ingredients in a pan or pot to produce something magical. There was a time when the only purpose of ChefMadeEasy was for me to memorize recipes I learned and their respective ingredient proportions. But with time I began to look much deeper than wrestling a typical cookbook or magazine. I look now into the nature of produce that exists in today’s world. My goal is to behold a product when I go grocery shopping and to know how and why culturally and historically it has been cultivated and to what culinary possibilities exist when preparing it. When you go grocery shopping next time and pick up a potato, look into its heart and soul.

Potato. Potato ragout. Mashed potatoes with gravy. Fries. Fish and chips. Chinese-style fried potato. Potato pie. Baked potato. Soup. Stew. Infinite possibilities jump out in front of you as you hold a single potato. And that is just one vegetable. You will never be hungry if you know how to cook. You will always have something to look forward to if you know how to cook. Something new. Each time, a different dish. The possibilities are limitless. You will be happier, I guarantee you that much.

We live on a rich planet, a planet full of vegetation, meat, produce, we as humans have learned to harvest them and it is the dominant aspect of the human species over other animals. The ability to cook. This is what separated homo sapiens and neanderthals from earlier evolutionary steps of the humankind. Learning to cook is, in my opinion, an essential part of being and neglecting this aspect of your life can leave you not just nutritionally but also culturally deprived.

I too am always learning new recipes and I am by not means a “professional” chef. But I truly believe that anyone can learn how to cook if only you let yourself go and dive with heart and soul into the richness of what our planet can offer.

That is my passion and I want to share it with you on this website.

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