What to buy

Here is a good advice. When you go to a supermarket, don’t bring any long shopping lists with you. Instead, play it by ear. See what looks good. Buy that. See what it would go well with. Buy that too. If you are not sure what the hell this thing is, ask or write down the name ¬†and google it later, or, better yet, buy it, wash it, peel it and sink your hungry teeth into it. YARRR! Just, kidding!

But seriously, experiment. Don’t be shy, vegetables don’t bite. Live lobsters do, on the other hand. But here is a tip for lobsters: stick them into boiling water HEAD FIRST.

It is only through trial and error that you learn how to cook. Reading all these cookbooks are all nice and well but, come on, where am I going to find veal brains in Metro supermarket? No, ladies and gents, cooking is about using whatever is at your disposal and combining it in the right way. So free yourself from the headache of “what to buy”. Just go with your heart and if something smells good or looks good or sounds good, SNACH!

Stay away from cupcakes and other deserts though… I am only talking about raw ingredients. Meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, rice, pasta. You wanna cook, right? Having said that there is nothing wrong with buying a box of cookies for your grandma :)


- Michel

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